Issued: 1 February 2018

A unique work of art that shows what is happening miles beneath the Earth’s surface is being exhibited at Paisley Museum.

This week saw the launch of Beneath and Beyond, by Scottish artist, Stephen Hurrel, who uses real-time audio and visual displays of information being gathered as it happens by earthquake monitoring stations around the world.

The sounds people hear come from an average of 18 miles below the surface in the Earth’s crust caused by vibrations in the strata and viewers see a visual display of these sound waves.

The free exhibition of the Scots-born artist runs until Thursday 15 April 2018.

Stephen explains: “I’ve always had an interest in the relationship between nature and technology since I would watch submarines sail up and down the Clyde with a backdrop of stunning natural scenery from the home where I grew up, in Dunoon.

“The Beneath and Beyond exhibition is a perfect example of that. What people will see and hear is actually happening there and then deep down under the earth’s surface.

“And it’s displayed through sound and a video projection, using the technology in the seismic monitoring stations we are linked to in all the continents of the world.

“No one else is doing this in a live situation, so what people visiting the exhibition will see and hear is unique.”

Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes, chairperson of Renfrewshire Leisure, who operates Paisley Museum said: “We’ve staged some very special exhibitions at Paisley Museum in the past, which have caught the public’s imagination.

“The Beneath and Beyond art project is one that is undoubtedly intriguing and it’s amazing that by coming along to the Museum in the High Street we can see and hear what’s going in under the surface of the Earth from all over the world.”

Stephen will also give a free talk on his artwork on March 10, at 2pm, in the Paisley Museum.

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