Paisley has an amazing story to share.

Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021 helped to transform Paisley’s image across the UK and beyond. Thousands of Paisley ‘Buddies’ from all over the world pledged support for the campaign, resulting in Paisley being the only town ever shortlisted for the title.

The campaign was picked up by local, UK and international media, resulting in 750 million ‘opportunities to hear or see something positive’ about Paisley, with many international journalists and travel bloggers visiting Paisley and sharing what makes our place great.

The momentum of our bid campaign has inspired Paisley to develop a brand that continues to tell the story of our place in a new and positive way.

The Paisley brand was developed by local people and Paisley buddies across the world through a digital conversation, which asked the question ‘What’s Our Story?’, and included face-to-face interviews with communities and leaders across Renfrewshire’s public, private and academic sectors.


This was complemented by 40 stakeholder interviews with Renfrewshire’s leading figures in the public, private and academic sectors– drawing on their expertise and experience to help inform the development of the new brand.

We implemented a PR campaign throughout the conversation, driven locally by the Paisley Daily Express, and we targeted media across the UK to maximise awareness and coverage for the town’s image transformation.

Over a thousand people contributed their ideas, stories, images, videos, music and poems, with contributors from all over the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Indonesia, Jersey, Pakistan, Romania and India. The campaign reached over 102,000 people on Facebook and over 67,000 on Twitter.


Overwhelmingly, people asked us to focus on what Paisley is today – proud, bold, fun, friendly and together.

This led to the development of  Paisley as the new brand.

Our brand provides a clear and positive identity for Paisley by making local people, visitors and potential investors aware of the amazing and positive changes happening in the town, and by raising Paisley’s profile across the UK and beyond.

Overwhelmingly, the greatest response from contributors was about Paisley being proud and together, and that the time was right for Paisley to celebrate its place in the world today.

Graphical House was appointed to deliver the creative execution. Inspired by our weaving heritage – the colour of our craft and the ‘invisible’ Sma’ Shot stitches that bound the Paisley Pattern shawls that took our name around the world, the brand is fully flexible and can communicate top-level brand messages or target specific audience groups and sectors directly.

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I love Paisley because you must have the only Abbey worldwide with an ’Alien’ gargoyle! #WhyILovePaisley

What's Our Story?

I love the fabulous architecture - Paisley Abbey, Coats Memorial and the town hall, all within walking distance.

Barbara Erskine
What's Our Story?

I think what makes Paisley great is our history. We have the Abbey, the mills, the Paisley Pattern and some great architecture. We have great heritage in music with the Tannahill Weavers and other great singers.

Phyllis Arthur
What's Our Story?