We would love you to support the brand. Tell everyone about Paisley, share your story and say why you have decided to make Paisley your place.

Carry the Paisley mark across your promotional materials and PR.

Share the information on our website with your friends, customers and colleagues and let them see why they should spend their time in Paisley too.

Download our Brand Book

Our Brand Book takes you through the story of our brand.

It also outlines how you can use the brand, and the different ways we can work together to get the brand out there.

You can download your copy from this link:

Brand Book (pdf opening in new browser window)

Working with us

It is through the way we act and how we talk about Paisley that will make us successful and maintain a positive image.

We are asking everyone to commit to telling the world why Paisley is great.

In return, we will:

  • Make working with us as easy as possible.
  • Let real people in Paisley tell our story.
  • Be honest and authentic and consistent.
  • Celebrate Paisley and the achievements of our business community and local people.
  • Be ambitious, creative and innovative.
  • Promote our place across the UK and beyond … at every opportunity.

Using the brand

Using the brand is easy.

If you want to show your support and get involved, please give the team a call or drop us an email:

  • To discuss how you can support Paisley by using the brand.
  • To get access to the toolkit and all the do’s and don’ts you need to keep you right when you are using the brand.
  • To share your proposed artwork, with the brand in place, so that we can give you a nod of approval before you go live – all artwork that contains the brand mark or URL must be shared with the team for a fast review.
  • For us to support and promote your idea.

Email us at hello@paisley.is today!

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When the day’s work was over, they issued in a stream from the orate, their hands and arms stained with all the colours of the rainbow, and they made the streets lively on the way home.

Matthew Blair
The Paisley shawl and the men who produced it, 1907

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