Grand Conversaziones

Grand Conversaziones 2022 took place as part of the Future Paisley exhibition.

Paisley’s new local

Through pandemic and crisis, have we realised the power and refuge of ‘local’?

The liveability of neighbourhoods and wellbeing, biodiversity and sustainability must be part of placeshaping, architecture and urban design thinking as we emerge from Covid-19.

Liveable places must meet psychological needs, not just economic needs.

How is Paisley’s cultural regeneration approach fulfilling the 20-minute neighbourhood and delivering the essential ingredients for a new local?

Please advance to 0:45 on the recording for the start of the event.

Paisley’s historical response to global change in the 20th Century

World wars, pandemics and financial crashes – Paisley successfully recovered from a series of global upheavals last century.

What can we learn from the regeneration strategies previously pursued by the town?

What opportunities to build a better future did such collective traumas offer?

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Imagining Paisley 2050

Future towns and cities must be able to accommodate growing populations and respond to ongoing challenges.

These might involve resource scarcity, climate change, and ageing population and rising socio-economic inequalities.

How do we systematically develop towns and cities (and Paisley) for 2050?

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