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There’s always time to learn something new!

With such a rich history here in Renfrewshire, maybe now’s the time to learn a thing or two about our local area.

We’ve pulled together a mixture of activities, blogs and places to explore – take a closer look below…

The soft drink that changed the world

Slug in the Bottle mural

And no, we’re not talking about Irn Bru here either.

Did you know that Paisley is home to one of the world’s most famous legal cases? It all started with a ginger beer float and a slug…

What do The Beatles and Queen Victoria have in common?

Paisley pattern objects in Paisley Museum collection

Both were fans of the famous Paisley Pattern – the design that changed everything for Paisley.


Paisley witches

Halloween witch

When you think of witches, you might well think of our Halloween Festival; of ghosts, ghouls and ghastly goings-on.

But Paisley has a much sadder story to tell as we go back  into the history books…

Standing up for ourselves!

Man dressed in costume outside Sma' Shot Cottages

Sma’ Shot Day is one of the best examples of Paisley’s plucky past.

It’s the day that marked a famous victory for the town’s weavers more than 150 years ago, and one that is still celebrated today.


Home of Scottish heroes

Grave of King Robert III in Paisley Abbey

Discover the Renfrewshire roots of Scotland’s Braveheart, William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce, victor at the famous 1314 Battle of Bannockburn.


Trails, Trails, Trails

Mural on Johnston Street building, Paisley

It’s totally possible to enjoy a bit of culture while you’re out racking up those steps.

Our walking trails are a great way to discover new things about our local area; from architecture to art, history and heritage, steeples and spires. 


Tales of the Knights Templar

Inchinnan Standing Stones

Home to carved stones that date back millenia, this little-known spot in Inchinnan is a unique window on Renfrewshire’s ancient history, when the Vikings waged war on Scotland.


Don’t forget to look after yourself and protect others by always following the latest Scottish Government advice.

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