Paisley Halloween Festival presents Out of the World – Nova

Name: Nova

Artist: Studio Vertigo

A Nova is a transient astronomical event which causes a star to quickly increase the strength of the light it emits. This dramatic process takes place when a star reignites after lying dormant for many years.

The Nova artwork is based on the mythical Star of the East which astronomers now believe was actually a nova. As a spectator, you will feel like you are experiencing a nova, or ‘new’ star – mighty and dazzling.

The artwork is a bold sculptural form, a visually complex lantern that also comes to life with smoke effects. It has over 56,000 laser profiled apertures which allow the internal light source to shine through its reflective metal surface, creating swirling galaxy patterns on the star and projecting light onto the ground.

Studio Vertigo is a collaboration between Lucy McDonnell and Stephen Newby who work internationally to create light installations and sculpture. They create work that questions the relationship between objects, viewers and their environment.

Their work has been shown internationally and recently been commissioned for Amsterdam Light Festival, Lumiere Durham, Uppsala Light Festival, CPH Copenhagen Light Festival, Vilnius Light Festival and Taiwan Lantern Festival.

Fun Facts:

The Nova sculpture is 4 metres tall and 3 metres wide.

The Sun burns about 4 million tons of hydrogen fuel every second!

The last nova that was visible to the naked eye in 1604 and is known today as ‘Kepler’s Star’.

If a star goes enters into its nova stage tomorrow, we won’t know about it for about 500 years – that’s how long the light from that star would take to reach us!





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