Oakshaw Trinity Church, Paisley

Located on the highest point of Paisley’s townscape, the church – formerly Paisley High Parish Church – looks over the town in spectacular fashion.

One of the most pronounced buildings on Paisley skyline with a 161ft steeple, the church was built 1754. Its unsupported, stunning ceiling  is thought to be amongst the largest of its type in Europe. There is also a selection of very notable stain glass windows.

Legend has it that a stonemason fell to his death during construction of the church. His workmates carved the outline of the handkerchief and spectacles in the cobbles where he fell as a tribute – see if you can spot it if you’re walking by.

The main objective of the church is to be a caring and serving arm to the town centre by sharing faith and the services of the church with the community – shoppers, visitors, students and workers.

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