Sma’ Shot Cottages

Take a trip back in time for a unique look at two distinct periods of Paisley’s rich textile history at the Sma’ Shot Cottages.

Press play on the video below and turn back the clock to the 1750s to explore a typical 18th century weaver’s cottage – which looks exactly how it would have done during Paisley’s weaving heyday!

On crossing the yard, you will discover the house of a foreman of a nearby mill in the mid-19th century. See what family life was like within the kitchen/living area, bedroom, children’s room and parlour.

Rooms in this part of the Cottages are decorated to represent various time periods from the late 19th into the early 20th century.

Enjoy a video tour of this fascinating attraction of historical significance to Renfrewshire – and its beautiful tearoom, where you’ll see a host of spectacular relics.

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