St Matthew’s Church of the Nazarene, Paisley

Built in the Art Nouveau style by W.D McLennan, this church is home to an original Norman & Beard organ and poignant stained-glass windows.

Being such an important historical building, it has its fair share of stories to go along with it

Originally the building was designed with a spire in what’s now known as the ‘tower tearoom- however, for financial reasons, this never came to be built, although drawings of what it would have looked like still exist. The only other clue to the spire’s existence is a hidden ‘stairway to nowhere’ and when the building is next open, you’re welcome to try and find it!

The stained glass window in the sanctuary space is not original – it’s a war memorial. When it was fitted, it caused such offence to the architect (who was also a church member) that he resigned from the church.

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