Stop / Start

This is a fantastic new stop-motion animation film made by ReMode in partnership with local young people for this year’s Sma’ Shot Day.

Mimicking the mechanical stop-start motion of the sewing machine, Stop/Start explores the current situation for the clothing industries and the very real opportunity that the COVID -19 situation presents us with to stop, think and start again to create a ethically and economically fairer and environmentally-balanced fashion industry.

The original music and rap has been developed by emerging local musicians Jamie Welsh and Joseph Cameron in collaboration with performers Mohammed Junaid, Harris Provan and Joshua Donnelly.

The animations are by Jo McCartney, Lauren Selbie, May Sengupta, Marianna Medina, Lucie Roy, Ella Dickie and Hope Robertson in collaboration with filmmaker Kevin Cameron and support from Angela Orr of PACE.

You can also watch the film on the ReMode website.



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