Tannahill’s Cottage / Paisley Burns Club

Once the family home of weaver poet Robert Tannahill, the cottage is now the meeting place of Paisley Burns Club.

When constructed, the building, was a one-storey thatched cottage with a passage through the centre, the north side being occupied as a dwelling-house and the south side as a four-loom weaving shop.

The formation of the Paisley Burns Club in 1805 – the oldest constituted Burns Club in the world – was largely due to a few Paisley weavers, chief among them Robert Tannahill himself who was appointed the club’s first secretary.

Tannahill Cottage was gifted to Paisley Burns Club on 2 November 1933 and the building has been held in trust for the club as a perpetual Club room and as a memorial to Robert Tannahill. It was restored by the Club and the first meeting to be held there was in January 1936.

The cottage was destroyed by fire in 2003 but restored in 2005. It is still used to this day as the meeting place of the Paisley Burns Club.


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