Paisley Halloween Festival presents Out of the World – Vectors

Name: Vectors

Artist: Jack Wrigley

Vectors is a new piece of laser design made especially for Paisley’s Town Hall building. Taking inspiration from the retro-futuristic imagery of oscilloscopes and Milton Bradley’s Vectrex gaming system, Jack will use high-powered laser systems to illuminate the grand architecture of the Town Hall with rapid-fire patterns, slinking shapes, and sizzling neon motifs.


Jack Wrigley lives with another human, a parrot and a grumpy cat in Glasgow, Scotland.

Fun Facts

What is a oscilloscope?

An oscilloscope is a device that allows you to see how voltage changes over time by displaying a waveform of electronic signals.

If you connect an oscilloscope to a microphone you could see your voice wave pattern.


What is the Vectrex gaming system?

The Vectrex was a self-contained home video game console released in the 80s – think Asteroids or Tempest.

It came with its own graphics display and unlike other consoles did not need to be hooked up to a television set.