Fraser Penman: World’s Most Unique Hypnotist

Saturday 18 November, 2023

LionHeart Entertainment presents: The World’s Most Unique Hypnotist, Fraser Penman, often hailed as ‘Scotland’s answer to Derren Brown,’ is gearing up to bring his captivating show to the Tannahill Centre in Paisley on Saturday 18th November.

Fresh off the back of a successful debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival earlier this year, Fraser Penman has rapidly evolved from ‘the kid that no one knew’ to a performer who has worked with some of the biggest stars in Scotland, with over 2 million views on TikTok and counting. Notably, he has already hypnotised twenty-five of Scotland’s most prominent influencers, leaving a trail of five-star reviews in his wake and capturing the attention of the media, not just for his distinctive appearance.

Fraser’s headline event, ‘A Night Of The Mind,’ combines comedy, hypnosis, and mind-bending mentalism in an electrifying show. With his unique appearance and boundless energy, Fraser has audiences laughing uproariously while he amazes them by delving into the depths of their minds. In a safe and controlled manner, he astounds with his hypnosis and mentalism skills, turning audience volunteers into conduits for his magic.

Reflecting on the creation of his show, Fraser shares, ‘I was inspired to breathe new life into an age-old art form by taking the audience on a voyage of imagination, discovery, and creativity within their own minds. It’s a moment where people can shed the trappings of their everyday lives, leaving their insecurities at the door and embracing their individuality through the power of the mind.’ Fraser’s ultimate aim is to redefine the stereotypical image of stage hypnosis, making it more appealing to a broader and more diverse audience.

Fraser’s journey is remarkable not just for his stage success but for breaking down barriers and proving that one can achieve dreams and goals despite facing significant challenges. He’s living proof of this. Having endured physical, mental, and cyberbullying in his youth simply because he looked different as a person with albinism, Fraser experienced severe self-esteem and self-confidence issues. At one point, he contemplated suicide. That was until he discovered his true calling—hypnosis. Today, he’s a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, a stage hypnotist, and a mentalist, with reviews that speak volumes about his talent and impact.

The Daily Record once dubbed him ‘Lanarkshire’s hypnotist taking the world by storm.’ Audience members echo this sentiment, describing Fraser Penman as ‘unbelievable,’ ‘very professional,’ and ‘highly entertaining.’ His shows are not only a source of amazement but also an opportunity for groups of friends to share an unforgettable experience together. Don’t miss the chance to witness Fraser’s mesmerising performance.


‘Unbelievable experience, very professional and a gem of a man. Very funny, highly entertaining. Great to go watch with a group of friends. Highly recommend!” – @rsullivan1991

‘We cried with laughter at his show! He’s hands down the best at what he does – we were all amazed! – @stephwightman91x

Dates & Times

The Tannahill Centre
76 Blackstoun Road, Paisley, PA3 1NT
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Sat 18 Nov 20:00- 23:30

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