Future Paisley exhibition

Wednesday 5 January - Saturday 19 March, 2022

Paisley’s future is being transformed through the power of culture.

Visit us, see why we can be a leader for towns everywhere, and give us your ideas.

The Future Paisley exhibition is an immersive experience for visitors with innovative use of maps, graphics, 3D digital models and augmented reality to bring Paisley’s story to life like never before.

We’re exploring Paisley’s unique approach to culture-led regeneration by studying its architecture, design and built environment, including:

  • Past: how the Paisley of today was shaped by its history; how it grew to become centre of the world’s textile industry, and the change and challenges of recent years.
  • Present: bringing to life the collection of major projects currently happening in and around the town – from creating an international-class museum to becoming Scotland’s new home of advanced manufacturing.
  • Future: asking for your ideas on how Paisley can evolve to meet the big issues facing the world in the next decade: from recovery from the pandemic, to the climate emergency.

Where and when is it on?

We’re in Unit 27-28, Piazza Centre, Paisley until 19 March 2022 and we’re open Wednesdays – Saturdays, 10am – 4pm (except public holidays and at the times listed below).

Due to planned events taking place in the exhibition space, the exhibition will be closed to the public at the following times:

  • Wednesday 19 January – 11am to 3pm
  • Thursday 20 January – full day
  • Wednesday 26 January – full day
  • Friday 28 January – 10am to 2pm
  • Friday 4 February – full day

Who is behind the exhibition?

The exhibition is being led by Renfrewshire Council, with support from Renfrewshire Leisure. It was designed by architectural and design practice Lateral North.

Future Paisley is the wide-ranging programme of events, activity and investment using the town’s unique and internationally-significant cultural stories to transform its future.

What else is happening?

The exhibition will also include a series of ‘Grand Conversazione’ events, where leading figures from the arts, architecture and academia will discuss how urban design and place-shaping can tackle major world issues such as pandemic recovery and the climate emergency.

To see the programme and register for these online events, see below:

Present: Paisley’s new local (Friday 11 February, 2pm)

Through pandemic and crisis, have we realised the power and refuge of ‘local’? The liveability of neighbourhoods and wellbeing, biodiversity and sustainability must be part of placeshaping, architecture and urban design thinking as we emerge from Covid-19. Liveable places must meet psychological needs, not just economic needs. How is Paisley’s cultural regeneration approach fulfilling the 20-minute neighbourhood and delivering the essential ingredients for a new local?

Click to book your place here

Past: Paisley’s historical response to global change in the 20th Century  (Friday 25 February, 2pm)

World wars, pandemics and financial crashes – Paisley successfully recovered from a series of global upheavals last century. What can we learn from the regeneration strategies previously pursued by the town? What opportunities to build a better future did such collective traumas offer?

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Future: Imagining Paisley 2050 (Friday 11th March, 2pm)

Future towns and cities must be able to accommodate growing populations and respond to ongoing challenges involving resource scarcity, climate change, ageing population and rising socio-economic inequalities. How do we systematically develop towns and cities (and Paisley) for 2050?

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Digital exhibition

You can also enjoy the full Future Paisley exhibition experience from the comfort of your own home, thanks to our digital exhibition.

Access the digital Future Paisley exhibition here.

Please note: The Future Paisley digital exhibition may not work on older devices. We recommend you use a desktop PC or Mac computer. It can be accessed on a handheld device but will not have all the functionality of using a desktop.

It works similarly to a computer game – it takes a few moments to fully load, and once loaded you can use the cursor keys and mouse (or a games controller) to navigate. If you have a VR headset, the exhibition works best on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift

A guide to navigating the digital exhibition is below:

  • You will find yourself outside the virtual exhibition unit in the Piazza Shopping Centre. Decide if you would like music to accompany your experience by pressing play or mute on the ‘music controls’.
  • Enter the digital exhibition by using the arrow keys or WASD keys on your keyboard. We recommend you move immediately left on entering and you will find yourself in the ‘Past’ area, which features eight information panels built around key themes from Paisley’s past. The exhibition is broken down into three key areas: Past, Present and Future.
  • Move forward from here to enter the larger ‘Present’ area, featuring 15 ‘islands’ with illustrations of major projects taking place in the town.
  • Click on the red PLAY buttons to link to video content about each project told by the architects and designers involved.
  • Click the SKETCHFab buttons to link to 3D Models about the key projects, which open up in SKETCHFab in a new browser tab.
  • Find further images of how some of our buildings were re-purposed during the pandemic and video content from the ‘What If…?/ Scotland – Paisley’ exhibition along the walls. Artwork from community groups and schools engaging with the exhibition will also appear here soon.
  • Moving in a clockwise direction, move around and down into the ‘Future’ area, where a large map of the town showing what could change in future,  and a series of three interactive panels where visitors can contribute their hopes for the future of Paisley.
  • The last grey panel on your right links to more information about other Future Paisley cultural and community projects. Finally you can click on the final red panel next to the exit to leave feedback on your experience.

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