KLAS Care C.i.C presents Disney’s Luca for children with ASN and their families

Saturday 16 October, 2021

We will be showing a movie on a big screen in a safe secure environment that can accommodate children that have additional support needs.

Many families experience stress and anxiety at the thought of taking their child to the cinema due to their specific needs, this can in turn lead to other children in the family missing out.

We are putting this night together in an environment that will be non-judgmental and safe for everyone. The garden area is secure and can be easily accessed from the movie screening, there will also be an annex area that can be accessed, if need be, leaving the rest of the family to enjoy the movie and not miss out.

All areas are secure and can be viewed from many angles giving a sense of inclusiveness, this will be reassuring for the adult in charge as all their children can be seen regardless of whether they are in the garden, annex or watching the movie.