Paisley Radicals

Tuesday 8 September, 2020

In this year of the 200th anniversary of the Radical Rising 1820, a relatively untold period of strikes and unrest, we commemorate Paisley’s radical past and explore what it means to be a modern-day radical with an exciting new creative project.

Paisley Radicals – Catalysts for Change is led by arts company Civil Disobedience, supported by Paisley TH.CARS2 programme, Renfrewshire Council events team and Renfrewshire Leisure in partnership with University of West of Scotland, Star Project, The 1820 Society and University of the Third Age.

To mark the 8th September 1820, when radical Scottish leaders Andrew Hardie and John Baird were executed, along with James ‘Purlie’ Wilson who was similarly executed on 30th August; we are delighted to spotlight some of the work and research of our project partners, as well as a special invitation to get involved and participate in our online creative writing workshop and the wider project.

Notably, monuments to Hardie, Baird and Wilson stand in Sighthill Cemetery, Glasgow and Woodside Crematorium, Paisley.

The 1820 Society raise awareness of the Radical Wars and highlight a variety of ongoing events and resources via their public Facebook group from authors such as Maggie Craig (who opened the inaugural Paisley Book Festival with a talk and book-signing on ‘Radical Paisley/Renfrew’), Murray Armstrong, Kenny MacAskill,  Alan Dickson, Tom Dowd and Prof. Gerry Carruthers.


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