Tarang Dance Academy presents Beauty in Abun-Dance 2 – Our story

Sunday 18 November, 2018

Join the Tarang Dance Academy as they present ‘Our Story’ at Johnstone Town Hall on Sunday 18 November.

Tarang Dance Academy, based in Glasgow, offers a brief insight into a unique and inspiring method of dance called Kathak.

Kathak is an exclusive style of dance – its origin is traditionally attributed to the travelling bards of ancient northern India, known as kathakars or storytellers.

Wandering kathakars communicated stories from the great epics and ancient mythology through dance, songs and music.

Sudakshina Kundu is the Artistic director of Tarang Dance Academy and recently delivered kathak dance workshops to various charitable organisations including Neighbourhood Networks and Sense Scotland while working closely with Capability Scotland.

Kathak opens its doors to anyone, not just aspiring dancers or performers. It offers individuals a rare and inspiring path to follow on a journey of story and dance. Audiences are captivated by the beauty and expression the dance creates.

Tarang Dance Academy wish to welcome you to their upcoming event, ‘Our Story’, on Sunday 18th November 2018, from 3-5pm at Johnstone Town Hall.

The Academy will be hosting a multicultural dance event with members of Capability Scotland, showcasing their dancing along with the popular Scottish band Reely Jigged and the Hugh School of Highland Dancing. Light refreshments will also be provided at the event.

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