Weave Festival and Sma’ Shot Day

Saturday 7 July, 2018

Thousands turned out to take a trip ‘doon the watter’ to mark Paisley’s radical weavers at the annual Sma’ Shot Day and Weave Festival celebrations.

The event – which took place on Saturday 7 July, 2018 – attracted more than 12,000 people to the town to enjoy a diverse range of cultural performances and events including one of the world’s oldest workers’ festivals – Sma’ Shot Day.

This year’s theme marked the weavers’ annual holiday where they would traditionally go on a trip to the coast and it proved to be particularly apt as the sun shone on Paisley giving a real holiday atmosphere.

Paisley’s radical history began as a result of the famous dispute between the local shawl weavers and manufacturers in the 19th century. The sma’ shot was a fine weft yarn, woven into Paisley shawls by the weavers, which they were not paid for. An agreement was finally reached to pay for the sma’ shot in 1856.

Take a look back at some of the best bits from the event with the video below:

The famous sma' shot dispute

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