Lisa Nicoll on Shattered

Tuesday 15th May, 2018

Lisa Nicoll from In Motion Theatre Company talks Shattered – a new play exploring the humanity, humour and isolation of everyday life – developed in partnership with Paisley Arts Centre.

“We pass by people every day of our lives – on the street, on buses, trains, in shops. Some of these people we know – others we don’t.  With their heads bent over phones staring at screens they don’t see us and maybe if our heads are bent too we don’t see them.

Maybe we need to look up more.  Look up and watch.  Watch how people move, talk, maybe even listen to them even if they are a stranger sitting beside us on a train.

Lucy in Shattered sits and watches from her window – the people passing by, day in and day out.  The man from number 12, the woman from number 9.  They don’t look at her, they don’t wave – even though they know she is there watching and has been for months.  All she wants is for a hand to lift, lift and acknowledge her, a smile, a nod of the head instead of the avoidance that the people on the street give her.

Shattered is written based on interactions and interviews with people – time spent talking to them about their lives – women and men who have suffered a loss and who even years after feel disconnected from the outside world and sometimes their friends.  But this outside world isn’t full of doom and gloom – it’s built on a world of fear – fear of what is real and what is imaginary but always with that longing of reconnecting to each other, the world and ourselves.

Working in theatre allows a beautiful connection between people. I feel lucky to work in an industry where we communicate verbally and have interactions with each other.  How we can tell our stories through word and movement, through sound and lighting, through visions and text.  Being in the rehearsal room this week with our actors, director and design team allowed us to not just talk about the script but about our own lives, the world and those around us.  We laughed, we talked, we found our connection with the script and how that universal theme of loss, grief and isolation can touch and affect us all in some way or another.  This of course isn’t a therapy session!  We’re just talking about things that often we are too scared to open up about and working in theatre somehow through scripts and plays allows us to do that.

To have actors, director and a design team start to bring your script to life is like watching a child grow and evolve.

The show is opening in Paisley and we are lucky to be doing this production of Shattered in association with Paisley Arts Centre.  I have been working in Paisley developing another play as well and feel a great sense of connection to the place and the people that I am meeting.

Some of our team are home grown from this area too – Jordan Blackwood our director and co-creative director of our company In Motion Theatre Company attended PACE youth theatre for ten years and from our design team Alan Orr who is creating our sound design has written and also designed the sound for PACE pantomimes for many years while our set and costume designer Fraser Lappin has designed the set for the last couple of years.

Without these people, the cast and rest of the design team the show cannot happen.  Writing a script is one thing but seeing it all come together with the talent of a team is exciting and I can’t wait to see what happens in the rehearsal room and on that stage when we then open in Paisley and then tour. And once on tour I hope we connect with many people and we as a team all look, watch and listen to those audiences around us and connect with them and maybe even give them a wave and say hello after the show.”

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