My Paisley with… Widow Swanky

Friday 20th December, 2019

It’s a busy time of year as we all rush about getting ready for Christmas. So spare a thought for Widow Swanky, star of this year’s PACE pantomime at Paisley Arts Centre…

Not only is she busy trying to open the best boutique fish and chips emporium in Paisley…but the Snow Queen has kidnapped her beloved son, Percy!

We caught up with her mid-adventure to ask her a few questions:

What brings you to Paisley, Widow Swanky?

I’m opening the best new fish and chips restaurant in Paisley! It’s going to be a boutique restaurant that sells all the very best of gear. Everyone will call it the ‘plaice-to-be’ – geddit?! Castelvecchi, watch out! I’m coming for you to plunder all your business!

Will you see much else of Renfrewshire?

Well, the Snow Queen has kidnapped my lovely son, Percy …. so yes! My beautiful daughter Persephone and I are going to have to go on a quest to win him back.

We’ll be passing the John Stone (it’s a big lump of rock somewhere) and travelling through the Wood of Lin, battling winged rabbits on the way. We have to cross the Bridge of Weir to get to the Snow Queen’s palace … so we’ll be see a lot of Renfrewshire!

What happens on Christmas Day in the Swanky household?

When you want to run the best fish and chip boutique shop around, you have to work everyday. We’ll be out catching special fish for the shop. Percy will have to blow up the dinghy and do all the rowing…Persephone will catch all the fish, she’s the clever one…and I’ll be on the poop deck, drinking Pimms!

Do you have a special Christmas message for the boys and girls?

In the show, I always say “Enjoy yourself…it’s later than you think!” and that’s my message for Christmas too.

Oh, and don’t forget to come to my boutique fish and chip shop in 2020. But leave the brussels sprouts at the door…we don’t want any gas!

Finally…everyone likes a good joke in their Christmas cracker. Do you know any good jokes?

I’m embarassed to say that I’m addicted to the Hokey Cokey…

But I’ve turned myself around, and that’s what it’s all about, eh!


You can see Widow Swanky and the rest of the gang in The Snow Queen, this year’s PACE pantomime at Paisley Arts Centre, until 31 December. Remaining tickets can be bought from the Renfrewshire Leisure Box Office.





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