Paisley Gig Guide – 11 May 2018

Thursday 10th May, 2018

Over the bank holiday weekend our town was red hot – and I’m not talking about the weather!

From Friday to Sunday there were over 20 bands playing all within a 10 minute walking distance. All that plus a sold out Hipsway gig at the Town Hall made Paisley the place to be.

Paisley the Music Town – that’s how we roll.

If you hear someone shouting Emergency Exit tonight at The Bungalow, don’t worry or panic – it’s the name of the band that’s playing.

They are a classic 70’s Punk Rock covers band and last time they played The Bungalow they thrilled the crowd with their high energy set of great punk tunes.

What’s more is this gig is free. It all starts at 8pm, so what are you waiting for?

Psychobilly outfit King Kurt take to the stage tomorrow night.  The band began as Rockin’ Kurt and his Sauer Krauts in 1981, with Jeff Harvey on vocals, John Reddington on guitar, Bert Boustead on bass guitar, Alan “Maggot” Power on “saxamaphone” and Rory Lyons on drums.

Paul “Thwack” Laventhol joined on guitar at their third gig in July 1981, and the name was shortened to King Kurt later that year.

King Kurt shows are known to be outrageous so I expect no doubt that they will have some crazy stuff going on. The Three n Eights and The Bikini Bottoms are in support. Tickets are available at the door for a 7:30pm start time and goes on till late.

Tonight at The Old Swan they are starting their weekend off in style with The Dead Flowers and they will performing from 8pm.

Memphis are in tomorrow in the coveted afternoon slot from 4pm and The Casual Swans with Alex Baylis at the helm will be playing from 3pm on Monday. On Wednesday at 6pm, Heavy Load Unplugged will be pounding some great rock tunes to brighten up your week.

FreeSpeech – our very own young rock band who are familiar with every venue in Paisley – are at The Anchor on Sunday from 4pm. This band is red hot at the minute and will leave you wanting more. On Monday Jen McLauchlan will be playing from 4pm in her usual slot.

Junkyard Dogs are back in Paisley and will be playing at The Tea Gardens. I’ve seen the ‘Dogs’ play there on many occasions and it is good them see them in the popular Sunday slot which will go down well with the regular ‘Gardeners’.

The ‘Four in a Row’ this week at The Cave starts off tonight with The George Lindsay Blues Band from 9pm. Tomorrows double bill is Thunder Road from 6pm and in the 9pm slot it is Sad Ida. Get ready for the very a talented line up of some the best musicians around on Sunday from 6pm with the return of The Jim Keilt Jam Session.

This is such a laid back gig full of guys and girls who just love playing and you never know what you are going to get at these sessions. One thing is guaranteed though; it will be outstanding.

Get along just to watch or to join in. Whatever the case you will be made every welcome. Jim’s funny stories and wisecracks are thrown in for free.

Open Mic Nights next week:

Sunday – The Bungalow with Cat Caldwell from 8pm.

Monday – The Abbey Bar hosted by Dunky Hunter at 8pm.

Tuesday – Andy Lindsey is at The Anchor on Tuesday from 8pm.

Wednesday – Johnny Barr is the host for Burger and Keg 8pm and Andy Lindsay is at The Patter Bar from 8pm.

Thursday – Cosmopolitan’s open mic is on once again also at 8pm.

Support your local venues and keep music live.


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