Paisley Gig Guide – 9 March 2018

Friday 9th March, 2018

Tommy McGrory of Loud ‘n’ Proud tells you what’s happening in Paisley this week.

Tomorrow night (Saturday 10 March) is Rock Night at The Bungalow because LOMRE – or rather the Linton Osborne Maximum Rock Experience – will be taking you on a journey filled with Rock classics that you know and love.

Linton sang with Nazareth the top Scottish Rockers and he is making an appearance here in Paisley. Osborne had performed a number of live shows with Nazareth during 2014, but some concerts were cancelled at the end of the year after he contracted a throat infection.

The future looked pretty grim for Linton with band leader Pete Agnew reporting: “Although Linton is showing a slight improvement, his voice is in no condition to perform satisfactorily at this time.”

Luckily he is over the scare and he is back doing what he is good at, belting out rock tunes out at the front of a band.

LOMRE play The Bungalow on Saturday 10 March. Tickets are £8 and starts at 8pm.

Grace Stumberg – who learned the ways of the touring world by working with folk legend Joan Baez as a guitar tech and personal assistant – performs at The Bungalow on Sunday (11 March).

She has toured with musicians such as Left On Red and Pete Mroz, singing songs to bring awareness to fair-trade movements and raising money for local food banks.

Her live performances consistently demonstrate her musical abilities, incorporating a wide range of cover songs as well as her own originals.

Grace Stumberg plays The Bungalow on Sunday 11 March. Tickets are £3.

The Old Swan have The Dangerous Brothers in tonight (Friday 9 March) and they will be playing from 8pm.

On Saturday (10 March), Nightfly will be occupying the famous Shoppers Slot at 4pm.

On Monday, from 3pm, popular duo Johnny McAulay and Alan McKim will be performing a whole range of tunes from The Beatles to some of today’s Spotify chart toppers. Wednesday sees the turn of the youngsters from Clyde who play from 6pm.

Cobbler Bob is at The Anchor from 4pm on Sunday and Jen McLauchlan will be hosting the Monday Club at 4pm.

Open Mic Nights are:

Sunday at The Bungalow with Cat Caldwell from 8pm.

Monday at The Abbey Bar hosted by Dunky Hunter at 8pm.

Tuesday sees Andy Lindsey at The Anchor from 8pm.

Wednesday at Burger and Keg with host Johnny Barr from 8pm. Also on Wednesday Andy Lindsay is at The Patter Bar from 8pm.

Thursday sees Cosmopolitan as a new venue for Open Mic nights at 8pm.