Paisley Gig Guide this week – 27 July 2018

Thursday 26th July, 2018

It looks like another warm weekend which is perfect for going on a music crawl through Paisley.

If you plan your night out you could probably see around 4 bands all for free and all within a five-minute walk. Due to the endeavours of the local venue owners, local bands and promoters, Paisley has a good scene going at the moment. However, we all still need your support – so support local bands and local venues.

If you don’t support the local bands and up and coming bands where do you think the big bands will come from? You might not think it but you can be very important in the evolution of new music and the regeneration of our town. How do you do that? Simple, just get out and pop into one of the venues and watch live music – most of its free you know.

All or Nothing duo Boab Williamson and Tommy Clark are back playing some vinyl tonight at The Bungalow. It’s been far too long since the boys have graced the stage of the Bungalow. It’s free and it goes on late. The boys will recreate the original nights and as usual look forward to a packed house as they take time out from promoting and gigging. Come and give them some support, its free entry after all.

Tomorrow night Straw Dogs hit The Bungalow. The Straw Dogs were formed in 1999 in Kilmarnock by members of the punk rock tribute outfit, Last Year’s Men. For the previous six years the band had been playing the pubs and clubs of Ayrshire with a degree of success but wanted to play more and more songs of the band they all felt an affinity with, Stiff Little Fingers.

Named after the rasping SLF anthem the band have played all over the UK, including Leeds, Dundee, Aberdeen, The Shetland Islands and The Wickerman Festival. They have also played support to some of the biggest names in punk, such as The UK Subs, The Vibrators, The Dead Kennedys and The Damned. In support are The Red Eyes who are influenced by the more melodic early Punk/New Wave bands. The band has supported Stiff Little Fingers, Theatre of Hate, Spear of Destiny and many more. Also on the bill is Hateful who are described as the musical equivalent of Quentin Tarantino, acknowledging the past and bringing it gloriously into the present. Show starts at 8pm and tickets are £5.

Los Perros are at The Old Swan tonight from 8pm and there’s a double bill tomorrow. At 4pm it is Wildcard then Bad Boy Boogie from 8pm. On Monday at 3pm is The Casual Swans with Callum Frame. Jim Kielt is back with his famous jam session again on Wednesday from 7pm.

The Cave have another fantastic ‘Four in a Row’ starting with Loanhead tonight from 9pm. Tomorrow at 6pm is Sad Ida followed by Ten Gallon Brats at 9pm. Black Triangles are playing on Sunday from 6pm.

The Anchor have soul/motown singer Robert McIntosh in on Sunday from 4pm. Robert has a fantastic voice and a set full of great songs for you to enjoy.

The Tea Gardens have The Skunnered in from 6pm on Sunday. The Skunnered grew out of Open Mic nights a few years back in East Renfrewshire and have played at festivals all over the country.

Open Mic Nights next week:

Sunday – The Bungalow with Cat Caldwell from 8pm.

Monday – The Abbey Bar hosted by Dunky Hunter at 8pm.

Tuesday – Andy Lindsey is at The Anchor on Tuesday from 8pm.

Wednesday – Johnny Barr is the host for Burger and Keg 8pm and Andy Lindsay is at The Patter Bar from 8pm.

Thursday – Manhattan’s at 8pm.

Support your local venues and keep music live.


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Paisley has a good reputation with the bands – they want to play to a crowd that appreciates them and they get that here.

Tommy McGrory
Founder, Loud n Proud music charity

Paisley's musical voices