Paisley Gig Guide this week – 29 June 2018

Friday 29th June, 2018

The Vapors are ‘Turning Japanese’ at The Bungalow on Sunday from 7pm – and it’s the only Scottish gig on the Surrey band’s UK tour.

After forming in Surrey in 1979, the band established themselves as an exciting live outfit. They got their big break after ‘The Jam’ Bass player Bruce Foxton saw them playing in a local pub and invited them on the The Jam’s ‘Setting Sons’ tour.

Paul Weller’s father John undertook management duties for the band and, after signing to United Artists, they released a number of singles. Prisoners was released in 1979 before following it up with what would become their biggest hit, ‘Turning Japanese’ – which peaked at Number 3 in the UK singles chart. The classic is taken from their first album ‘New Clear Days’ in 1980.

A follow up single ‘News at Ten’ was released via EMI in 1980 and had numerous appearances on BBC’s Top of The Pops and other music shows. In 1981, the band released singles ‘Spiders’ and ‘Jimmie Jones’ from second album ‘Magnets’, again on the United Artists label. Tickets for The Bungalow show are £16.

The first of four bands for the weekend at The Cave is Meanbone, playing tonight at 9pm. Fifth Element are in the early slot tomorrow from 6pm and in the later spot at 9pm, Dead Flowers will take you into the wee hours with their usual energetic set. The P90’s will finish off another great weekend of live music at The Cave on Sunday at 6pm.

The Old Swan will be bracing themselves for another busy weekend and Drty Luv is up first from 8pm tonight. Tomorrow in the popular Shoppers Slot at 4pm is Overdrive who will be playing some AC/DC, Foo Fighters Led Zeppelin and more.

On Monday The Spuds are back for an afternoon party from 3pm and on Wednesday at 6pm it’s the legendary Jim Keilt Jam Session. The jam session here is a must and Jim said: “I’ve got thousands of songs up here. That’s one of the things, I seem to have a knack of remembering lyrics. It’s always been that way – that and busking.

“I love playing along with things I’ve never heard before. By the second verse I’ve got it and we’re away and I’m singing the harmonies in the chorus.”

So, if you are a player or a singer, get down and join in – even if they don’t know the song they will find it. Great to watch and great to play in.

It is great to see that the new owners of The Anchor are continuing putting on live music. It has a tradition of live music that goes way back, so I’m glad to say that, apart from some new faces, the regular Sundays at 4pm every week are still on. This week, it is the popular Destination Anywhere.

Open Mic Nights next week:

Friday: Stevie Johnstone at Hamishes Hoose from 8pm.

Sunday: The Bungalow with Cat Caldwell from 8pm.

Monday 8pm at The Abbey Bar hosted by Dunky Hunter

Tuesday: Andy Lindsey at The Anchor from 8pm

Wednesday: Johnny Barr is the host for Burger and Keg at 8pm and Andy Lindsay is at The Patter Bar from 8pm.

Thursday: Manhattan’s at 8pm.

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Paisley has a good reputation with the bands – they want to play to a crowd that appreciates them and they get that here.

Tommy McGrory
Founder, Loud n Proud music charity

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