Paisley Florist Gardening Society Club & Renfrewshire Growing Grounds Forum present Planting For Pollinators.

Tuesday 20th April, 2021

The Paisley Florist Gardening Society Club & Growing Grounds Forum present this fantastic blog – Planting For Pollinators.

In the video above, join our beloved host ‘Buddy the Bee’ through a simple 4 step process to attract our much-needed pollinators.

Then, read the blog below and enter the garden of Secretary Liz…

Here at the Paisley Florist Society Gardening Club we want to help all expert and novice gardeners with our helpful hints and tips and to learn how to plant for our wee pollinators!

So please, come and explore Liz’s garden and find out what YOU can do this Spring!

Creative Ideas And Inventions To Use….

Planting for Polinators image 2

A fantastic way to reduce plastic can be by converting an old juice bottle into a watering can, (do your recycling kids!). You can also buy cheap nozzle tops for these inventions on amazon for as little as £2.59, so not only is it a fun crafty project that helps the environment but it’s inexpensive as well!

Speaking of recycling plastic, you can also use old ice cream cartons or any plastic tub really to plant your seeds in before repotting, just wash them out and re-use.

Planting for Polinators Image 3

All Things Seedy…

Where do I find these seeds to plant do I hear you ask? You can subscribe to a monthly armature gardening magazine for as little as £6 and you will receive free seeds to plant with, plus hints and tips given throughout magazine. However, if you do not wish to subscribe to anything your local supermarket will sell packets of various seeds when the season is right and right now is the perfect time for planting!

If you’re not too sure about planting and seeding but still want to help our little pollinators there is a fun accessory you can use to help them. As shown in the picture above you can buy what is known as a ‘Bee Bomb’ for £3.95, you just shake, pull the pin and thrown onto a patch of grass and various wildflowers that our little bees love will grow with little to no effort!

Planting for Polinators Image 4 Planting for Polinators Image 5

Anywhere Can Be A Garden….

If you don’t have a garden that’s okay, you can still join in on the fun by buying a window box to help the bees and butterflies going through the season!

All of our flowering plants all over the world relies on our pollinators and our little bumblebees and other tiny insects are declining rapidly! We need to do all we can to stop this, not only will this help our agriculture but it is a good and healthy activity to take part in.

Planting for Polinators Image 6

Let’s Do This Together!

After over a year of being stuck inside this is the perfect time to be outside interacting and helping nature and the environment. It’s a great way to teach kids and us adults the importance of looking after our little world that we love to live and explore in!

Planting for Polinators Image 7

Photograph by Mari Mitchell

Special Advice From Our President Mari Mitchell…

Why do we plan for pollinators?

The bulk of our food crops need pollinators and with the increased use of herbicides and pesticides there is now less and less habitats for the insects. So now we need to provide a place for them.

Why now, during the pandemic, is it important?

It helps us get out outside, we can still chat with our neighbours at a safe distance and get some fresh air. It’s a fun, healthy activity that everyone can join in on.

What is your favourite pollinator?

Oh! There’s a vast amount of pollinators, from moths, butterflies and various types of bumble bees, just to name a few, it would be hard to pick a favourite out of all of them!

What would your advice be to a novice gardener starting out?

I would say knowing what soil you have to determine what you can grow would be a god place to start and you can do that by looking what other near bye gardens are growing. I would also suggest reading magazines and catalogues as they always have handy hints.

Videos filmed by West College Scotland NC Media course students Lauren Stewart and Natalie Dineen.

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