Success is on the menu for Paisley duo

Wednesday 1st August, 2018

Two Paisley students have been speaking with the team at West  College Scotland about how they’ve been enjoying their Level 5 Professional Cookery Course – and they’ve very kindly shared their story with us at

Both students say it’s given them the opportunity to build upon their interest in cookery and the confidence to take their cooking to the next level.

Fabiana, 40, from Renfrew, is originally from Brazil.


“I love baking and I was looking for a bakery course- but I couldn’t find one.

“I applied for the NC Professional Cookery L5 at West College Scotland’s Paisley campus and at the interview I found out that the course had a lot of bakery included alongside the cookery, so I decided to give it a try.”

Alongside units which include stocks and sauces, the course also covers: Cookery processes, Food hygiene, Food preparation techniques and organisation of practical skills.

Chris Watson is the Curriculum Enhancement Lecturer.


‘This course covers the basics making it possible to advance your studies to a further level. You don’t need formal qualifications for a place on this course however previous hospitality industry experience or qualifications, such as NPA in Professional Cookery (SCQF level 4) will help.”


“I really love the course and the best thing is that it’s only been six months, so it’s been manageable. I’ve learned a lot and the staff have patience as sometimes my English is not the best. After my studies my big plan is to open my own business – a cake shop!

“I had a coffee shop in Brazil and sold it to come to Scotland. I’ve been Scotland for three years – and I know you won’t believe this, but I chose to come to Scotland because of the weather! I’d don’t miss the hot weather in Brazil at all. This is a wonderful country and everyone is lovely!”

Elvis, 39, from Paisley, originally from Columbia, agrees with Fabiana that this has been a good entry level course – especially to give him a better work life balance.


“I came to Scotland in 2010. I wanted to do something that I would enjoy. My family in Columbia are big into their cuisine and we have a family restaurant. My mother in particular is a very good cook, so I thought ‘why not? I like cooking’ – I thought this would allow me to challenge myself and I wasn’t wrong.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course – The only thing is that the language barrier and cookery terms can sometimes be challenging.  I’ve been getting there though and it’s not put me off continuing my studies either as once I’ve finished my level 5, I’d like to go onto level 6. The course has been good so far. It’s different to be back in the classroom after so long, but I’ve enjoyed learning again and working in the kitchen cooking.

“My advice would be – come to the college it’s great and you get lots of support. If you like cookery this is a great opportunity. You should go for it.’


‘The level 5 is a good entry level qualification and after successful completion students will have the skills needed to get a role in the food, cookery and hospitality industry as a commis chef or food service assistant.’

For more information on this course which starts in August, visit the West College Scotland website (link below)


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