Take a tour of Paisley landmark buildings

Thursday 18th January, 2018

Recognised across the country for its architectural legacy…here’s a small selection of notable historic Paisley buildings.

Ok, we know buildings generally are hard to miss – but most places don’t have buildings like ours.

Paisley town centre has the second-highest concentration of listed buildings of anywhere in Scotland – only Edinburgh tops us (to be fair, they do have a nice castle).

Many of them were built as a result of the wealth which flowed through the town in the 19th century as Paisley became the centre of global thread production. Others date back even longer.

If we tried to list them all here we’d probably break the internet – but here’s a few interesting ones we’ve picked out.

Paisley Abbey

The town’s most recognisable landmark has a fascinating history and is a stunning centrepiece, inside and out.

Paisley Town Hall

Paisley Town Hall

The grand Victorian town hall has been at the heart of life in the town since 1882.

Thomas Coats Memorial Church

Dubbed ‘the Baptist cathedral of Europe’, its 200-feet spire is a key feature of the town’s skyline.

Coats Observatory

One of only three public observatories in Scotland, there could be few better places to stargaze than here.

Outside of the Russell Institute

Russell Institute

A former health centre recently re-opened as an employability hub, but you can still marvel at the details and sculptures.

Paisley Gilmour Street station

Did you know it dates back to 1840 and is now the fourth-busiest station in Scotland? Now you do.

John Neilson Institute Frosty Morning

The John Neilson

Known to locals as ‘the porridge bowl’ the John Neilson Institution started life as a school for boys whose parents were either poor or had passed away. The impressive building has now been converted into apartments.

Kids playing in the water at the Grand Fountain, Fountain Gardens

The Grand Fountain

Not technically a building, but it’s so unusual we thought we’d throw in a mention. The A-listed cast-iron fountain dates back to 1886 and was refurbished and restored to its former vivid glory in 2014. Did we mention it has walrus sculptures?

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