The Burning of the Cork Films

Thursday 1st July, 2021

The Burning of the Cork is the centrepiece of Paisley’s Sma’ Shot Day celebrations.

Watch the full spectacle of this story unfold through a trio of films exploring the key moments of this important point in the town’s history, featuring performances led by aerial performance company, All or Nothing, in partnership with PACE, Right2Dance and Jennifer Scott Dancers.

Burning of The Cork Part 1 ‘The Call to Action’

The protest begins, the doors are knocked, the word is spread and Paisley’s weavers start to gather to stand up for their rights.  Performers from PACE Youth Theatre and Jennifer Scott Dance show the beginnings of the historic Sma’ Shot dispute.

Burning of the Cork Part 2 ‘Weavers Assemble’

Congregating in Brodie Park with the Dooslan Stane in plain sight, the weavers fight intensifies. Banners are waved, the protest builds, weavers march and the Sma’ Shot thread will not be ignored.  Featuring dancers from Paisley’s Right2Dance and Jennifer Scott Dance.

Burning of the Cork Part 3 ‘The Burn’

Tensions rise as the Cork stands for all to see. A film to mark The Burning of the Cork, the build up to the burn, the recognition of the integral importance of the Sma’ Shot Thread and the celebration of the Weavers Victory.

Sma Shot Day 2021

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