Totnosh: Why it’s so important to get kids cooking from a young age

Thursday 22nd April, 2021

Dedicated to equipping kids with cookery knowhow in their infancy, Totnosh tell us all about the benefits of getting your little ones acquainted with the kitchen and the fun that awaits.

Blog by Mill Magazine as part of Paisley Food and Drink Festival 2021.

Do you feel that it’s important to get kids engaging with cooking and acquiring skills from a young age? 

I think it’s really important to get children cooking and acquiring skills from a young age.

Cooking is a really important life skill. Getting children excited about and interested in cooking from a young age makes them more likely to continue cooking as they grow up.

Many children can go through fussy eating stages when they are young and become hesitant to try new foods. However, they are far more likely to try something if they have been involved in making it themselves.

I often have parents who are amazed at what their children have actually tried eating due to the classes. We encourage them to taste the ingredients as they are cooking which also helps, as does being in a fun relaxed environment where they see their peers trying different things.

You prioritise healthy eating when it comes to your recipes. Is this in an effort to instil healthy habits from an early age? 

The classes are designed to encourage children to take an interest in food and healthy eating, experience new tastes and learn basic cooking skills. We want to encourage healthy eating habits so we definitely prioritise healthy recipes, while informing children – and their parents – of healthy alternatives to popular food such as pizzas and burgers.

Promoting healthy eating habits is really important to us at Totnosh as we are really passionate about healthy diets for children, and studies have shown that children who learn to cook grow up to be healthier adults.

Poor diets have been shown to contribute to lower attainment at school and eating habits formed in childhood are thought to continue into adulthood. We do however make some treats and have special workshops on occasions such as Easter and Christmas where we’ll make some chocolatey goodies!

Do you feel that making cooking fun is one of the most important lessons that you impart?

The Totnosh classes are always fun – for the littlest chefs, we have our Totnosh song and handwashing song and in our Around the World classes, children will guess the clues to see which country we’re cooking food from that day.

It’s really important for the classes to be fun so that the children have a really positive cooking experience. We always make a big deal of the dishes that they’ve made so that they can feel a real sense of accomplishment and they get a certificate at the end of the course.

The classes are relaxed and fun and our parent and child classes provide a perfect activity for some bonding – as well as providing a window for some stress-free family cooking for mum or dad with no dishes or tidying up to do at the end of it!

Do you foresee the market for these classes getting bigger and bigger as Renfrewshire’s food and drink scene expands? 

The classes are extremely popular and we always have waiting lists and demand is always getting bigger as the word continues to  spread.

We also are really busy running classes in schools and for different organisations and have been busy running online sessions until we can get back into our premises at the end of this month.

Find out more about the Totnosh classes and how to get involved at the links below.

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