Travel itinerary: The Wallace and The Bruce

The Wallace and The Bruce – two of Scotland’s greatest heroes – find their personal histories intertwined with Paisley and Renfrewshire.

Sir William Wallace, Scotland’s Braveheart. was the son of an Elderslie knight and reputedly educated by the monks of Paisley Abbey.

Renfrewshire’s connections with the other great hero of that time, King Robert the Bruce, are more tragic.

His pregnant daughter Marjory died on 2 March 1316 while riding home to her husband’s castle in Renfrew.  But the baby boy born that day in Paisley Abbey – King Robert II of Scotland -would go on to found a dynasty of Stewart kings which would rule Scotland for centuries.

This full-day travel itinerary takes in the towns of Paisley and Renfrew – the cradle of the Stewarts – and the village of Elderslie, birthplace of William Wallace.

You can download an itinerary pack from the link below. 

Itinerary: The Wallace and The Bruce (pdf)

Use these supplementary pages to find out more about each stop – and the map links provided will help you plot your route.



Visiting Renfrewshire

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Paisley has a wonderful historic heritage from the medieval until very recently, and is simply one of Scotland's most important places.

Professor Gerard Carruthers
Professor of Scottish Literature
University of Glasgow