Paisley and Renfrewshire has an amazing story to tell. 

We’re proud. We’re bold, friendly and fun. Dive in and find out more about us.


Use the brand

We would love your support. Tell everyone about Paisley and Renfrewshire. Share your story. Say why you have decided to make Paisley and Renfrewshire your place.

Moreover, you can carry the Paisley.is brand mark across your promotional materials.

Share the information on our website with your friends, customers and colleagues. Let them see why they should spend their time in Paisley in Renfrewshire too.

Get in touch on social or drop us an email to:

  • discuss how you can use the brand
  • get our brand toolkit
  • share your proposed artwork (we ask that any all artwork that contains the brand mark or URL is shared with us for a fast review)
  • talk to us about how we can support and promote your idea.

Check out our campaign pages for creative assets for specific projects and events.


Work with us

We are a small team of passionate people. And we want to hear from you.

Email us at hello@paisley.is or get in touch on social.

For specific enquiries, contact the people below:


Partners, sponsors and supporters

Louisa Mahon


Media enquiries

Lucy Adamson


Marketing enquiries

Joanne Quinn


Event enquiries

Pauline Allan


Our brand journey

Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2021 helped transform its image. Thousands of ‘Buddies’ from all over the world pledged support for the bid. It was picked up by local, UK and international media. Many international journalists and travel bloggers visited Renfrewshire and shared what makes our place great. They inspired us to develop a brand that tells the story of our place in a positive way.

Our brand was developed by local people and ex-pats across the world through a digital conversation. It asked the question ‘What’s Our Story?’

Over several months we spoke with communities and leaders across Renfrewshire. We drew on their expertise and experience to develop the brand. Our PR campaign was driven locally by the Paisley Daily Express. And we targeted media across the UK to maximise awareness and coverage for the town’s image transformation.

Additionally, over a thousand people contributed their ideas, stories, images, videos, music and poems. And the campaign reached hundreds of thousands of people across social media.

Overwhelmingly, people asked us to focus on what we are – proud, bold, fun, friendly and together.

Our brand provides a clear and positive identity. It makes local people, visitors and potential investors aware of the amazing things happening. Furthermore, it helps raise Paisley and Renfrewshire’s profile across the UK and beyond.

Graphical House agency was appointed to deliver the brand creative. They were inspired by our weaving heritage. Including the colour of our craft and the ‘invisible’ Sma’ Shot stitch that bound the Paisley Pattern shawls. The brand is fully flexible and can communicate top-level brand messages or target specific audience groups and sectors directly.