What is Paisley?

It’s proud. It’s bold. It’s friendly and fun. And it’s together…

Learn more about our journey to this point, and where we’re going – together.

The brand journey

Paisley has an amazing story to share.

Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021 helped to transform Paisley’s image across the UK and beyond.

The momentum of our bid campaign has inspired Paisley to develop a brand that continues to tell the story of our place in a new and positive way.

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Using the brand

We would love you to support the brand.

Tell everyone about Paisley, share your story and say why you have decided to make Paisley your place. Carry the Paisley mark across your promotional materials and PR. Share the information on our website with your friends, customers and colleagues.

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Who we are

The brand has been developed by place partners across Renfrewshire.

Interested in becoming a place partner?

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Media releases

Media releases issued by the ‘Paisley is’ media team in are available to download from this section of the website.

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Press boilerplate

Paisley is a place of radicals and poets with a name known around the world because of its globally-recognised pattern.

Our press boilerplate has more information to help your media release.

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