Accessibility is important to us. We are committed to getting it right.

Web accessibility affects all parts of the user journey, We want this website to be accessible to all everyone—especially to those with a visual impairment.

If you are visually impaired and you are visiting this site using:

  • a text or screen reader such as JAWS
  • Microsoft Windows accessibility options
  • other aids and adaptations on your computer

then this information may help you to use the site more easily.



Access keys

Access keys let you navigate around the website without using your mouse and can be used to jump directly to different sections of the site by using the keyboard.

Some access keys are set up as standard on many sites and others can be site specific. Please note that the key combinations can differ depending on the Internet browser or type of computer you use.


Cascading style sheets

The website uses cascading style sheets which control how pages appear on the site.

Features such as fonts, font sizes and margins, are standardised.

If you adapt your screen reader or accessibility options to best allow you to read a particular page, the settings you make should work at the same level throughout this site.


Links to other sites

Unfortunately, the browser settings you choose to look at the website pages probably won’t work in the same way when you follow the links to other sites.

The external site will always open in a new browser window, allowing you to close the external link page and easily return to this website.


Changing text size

To change the text size you can use:

  • Microsoft Windows accessibility options
  • other specialist aids and adaptations already on your computer
  • Internet Explorer text options

To adjust the Internet Explorer text options, select View from the menu buttons at the very top of your screen and then select Text size.

We hope that you will find it easy to navigate around the site and find what you are looking for.

If you think improvements can be made to let you access information on the site more easily, please get in touch with us at hello@paisley.is.

Find out more about Microsoft Windows accessibility options.