Southside House History

Tuesday 27 February, 2024

Join Paul Noble on a time travelling tour of Glasgow’ Southside!

Time travel under my floorboards – Vikings to Victorians.

In 1996 when my fiancé and I collected the keys to our soon to be marital home, a 1930’s semi detached bungalow that lies in a sleepy tree lined avenue in the South Side of Glasgow, we could never have guessed that below its floorboards lay a treasure trove that links the house to people and places from times gone past.

Over the years I had occassion to visit this underworld, to run cables, fix leaks and generally crawl around in the dirt. However all I ever saw was rubbish & rubble and the odd giant spider.

Then in 2022 after retiring, on a whim, I decided to video a journey into the labyrinth. This was to be for the benefit of my family, so that for once they too could experience the joy of the crawl space!

The light from my phone illuminated into the darkest corners of the basement and through my filmographers eyes objects previously pushed aside now jostled for my attention and I gathered them up with wonder and amazement.

Resurrected from the depths and bathed in daylight for the first time in many, many years, I resolved to establish the provenance of each item, piece together their history and that of their original owners.

I could never have imagined the rollercoaster journey of discovery that I was about to be thrust into. Over the next two years I would witness, through the eyes of three separate Glasgow families, the transformation of their environment from a rural farming community, through the Industrial Revolution, into the modern suburbia it is today.

So join me as I share my investigations into their worlds and learn what I now know about my house, the land it stands upon, and those that have owned, lived and worked on and around that land.

To book your free place please email: langside.lil@glasgowlife.org.uk or phone Langside Library: 0141 276 0777

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Pollokshaws Library
50/60 Shawbridge Street, Glasgow, G43 1RW
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Tue 27 Feb 18:00- 19:30

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