Earth Science CPLD for Primary Teachers

Tuesday 16 January, 2024

This session is being offered as part of Glasgow Museums’ programme of Continuing Professional Development for primary teachers. During the session participants will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of rocks and minerals and the processes that have created them. Together we will explore their multiple uses in everyday life and the environmental cost of their extraction. There will be practical tasks as well as a tour of our fascinating geology store. Refreshments provided on arrival. Supports the teaching of CFE outcome SCN 2-17. Places must be booked in advance by emailing Carolyn.Foran@glasgowlife.org.uk. Glasgow teachers can book via CPD Manager course ref MusEd02, ID85424

Dates & Times

Glasgow Museums Resource Centre
200 Woodhead Road South Nitshill Industrial Estate, Glasgow, G53 7NN
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Tue 16 Jan 15:45- 17:15

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