The Seasons Art Class Renfrew – Autumn Course

Monday 4 September, 2023

Are you a local who wants something exciting to occupy their free time in the next couple of months? If so, we have the perfect solution! Our new part-time art class is about to begin and we are now welcoming inquiries for more information.

Experience 14 weeks of a meticulously designed, comprehensive program to have fun, develop your artistic talents, and learn the fundamentals of painting, even if you’ve never held a brush before! Be part of lively classes with personalized instruction, a helpful feedback loop, and plenty of camaraderie over a cup of tea or coffee. Walk away feeling inspired and motivated, knowing that you have produced a unique piece of art and cultivated valuable skills. With varied projects and a limit on class size, the quality of the experience is never compromised.

In the first three weeks of the course, you will build their fundamental drawing and sketching abilities with soft pencils. You will practice mark making, shading, and the enlargement of objects using grids. With this knowledge, you will be able to show off your talents to family and friends! Weeks 4 and 5 will be dedicated to oil pastels, with which we hope you can make two or three pieces of art. Every step will be explained slowly and thoroughly. The following three weeks will cover watercolours, introducing brush types, colours, and various techniques. We will begin with something easy, then progress to more complicated tasks.

The final four weeks will introduce acrylic painting, a medium which offers great flexibility and many hues. We will show you how to mix, work with various other techniques, and compose. Hopefully, by the end of this section, you can have created a few pieces of art. Finally, in the thirteenth week, we will help you to professionally mount your artwork for the exhibition. In the fourteenth and last week, we will hand out invitations to friends and family for the show and present you with a certificate of graduation.

Our 3-hour weekly classes are available for 14 weeks in the morning or afternoon, offering instruction for learners at any level. During the session, students have the chance to socialise with their peers and learn a new skill, while also developing their own unique art pieces to be showcased at the final exhibition. Contact us today to find out more!

Dates & Times

Glynhill Leisure Hotel & Spa
169 Paisley Road Renfrew, Glasgow Airport, PA4 8XB
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Mon 4 Sep 00:00

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