Healing with the Light – The Ajna Light Experience Glasgow

Wednesday 25 April, 2018

The Ajna Light Experience is a completely immersive unique experience that invites you to journey and explore your inner consciousness.
Your unique journey knows no bounds and is only limited by your mind.
Since we started we have been trialing these unique healing products with amazing effect.
Ajna light
With the Ajna light we have been mainly using it as a healing tool working on the Pineal gland to develop our brainwaves brainwaves and introducing new ideas for their uses.
What are brainwaves, well just imagine waking up in the morning and looking out of the window and seeing that it is a damp grey day and imagine our feelings.
Now do it again and this time see a warm sunny morning and the sun shining down on us totally engulfing our body.
That’s your brainwaves working and nobody is interfering with our mind, body or spirit, got it.
We also use it for developing our meditation techniques and using it to enhance our Psychic and Spiritual abilities as well as for healing addictions.
We focus on the Pineal gland with it (third eye) and often see a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.
We set the light to certain frequencies for the opening of our “third eye” like gamma for instance. This allows us to go into a more deeper meditation for Clairvoyance and Spiritual direction.
Pyra light…
With the Pyra light we use this mainly for healing and it is very successful working on the cellular level.
When it is used in conjunction with the Ajna light we get very powerful healing results, so much so that we often feel a total feeling of fulfillment and experience an uplifting sensations.
I personally sleep with it under my pillow and the extra energy that I get everyday is truly remarkable.
Structuring water
When a glass of water is placed on the Pyra light pad the water is then structured after a couple of minutes and taste softer to what was before.
Ajna light…
The Ajna light works on our brainwaves and is made up with 5 small LED lights which are quite harmless to us . We always keep our eyes closed during a session as this allows our meditation to go deeper much as we would in a normal meditation. If you want to have a quick look just to check on things, then hey, that’s ok also but just for a quick glimpse if you really need to.
Quick benefits include: Deeper meditations-Stops snoring-No need for mid night visits to the bathroom-Deeper sleep cycles.
Those who have experienced the Ajna light have described the following benefits:

– Clarity of mind and emotions
– Reduce state of anxiety and stress
– Intuition development
– Better sense of connection with a larger reality
– Creativity
– Quality sleep has increased
– Out of Body & Astral Projection experiences
– Healing at the cellular level
–A spiritual tool
–Reduction of snoring
–Addiction removal
–Soul journeys
Pyra light…
The Pyra light is once again made up with very small LED lights of infra red lighting and blue lighting and it works on the cellular level.
It aids healing on the superficial levels and helps to speed up our healing times as it works on the cellular level.
Because the body is mostly water (75% by volume, but 99% by molecule count) the structuring of water allows the cells to re-hydrate.

Cells absorb water molecules through microtubules in the cell membrane. These only allow structured water to enter
the interior of the cell.

Therefore the long term use of the Pyra Light helps re-hydrate the inside of each cell

Red light therapy…
Increases circulation and the formation of new capillaries. Increased circulation and the formation of new capillaries means the wounded area receives more of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to initiate and maintain the marvelous healing process.
Conditions that we use it for…

• back pain
• low back pain
• arthritis
• sciatica
• knee pain
• post surgical procedures
• neck pain
• foot pain (plantar fascistis)
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• tendonitis
• fibromyalgia
• sprains, tears or bone breaks
For more information go to our website at http://whoohoo.co/
or email me at ed@whoohoo.co

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Wed 25 Apr 19:00- 21:00