Myths of the Vikings

Tuesday 3 April, 2018

Gather round and hear stories of ODIN the King of the Gods, THOR and his mighty hammer and LOKI – the shape changer, adventurer and mischief maker. In
this engaging rod puppet production, the puppeteer battles frost giants, dodges magical beasts and brings the gods of old to life.
While sculpting his beautiful wooden puppets the puppet-maker relives these stirring ancient stories through his skilful carving and imaginative storytelling. Come and feel the thrill of timeless tales, just as the children of the Norse did long ago. 5+yrs

Dates & Times

The Village Storytelling Centre
St James' Parish Church 183 Meiklerig Crescent, Glasgow, G53 5NA
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Tue 3 Apr 13:00- 14:00

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