Add a circus show to your night out

Friday 28 July, 2023

Fancy a night out seeing what people can pull off after four weeks of circus training? Come to Scratch Night to check out all sorts of thrilling and impressive aerial and acrobatic performances.

Have a couple of cocktails with friends, enjoy some live action circus, then head out-out on the town! It’s a great way to add some entertainment to your evening, and tickets are cheap as chips. Why wouldn’t you?!

You’ll see people who have used our month-long full-time course to uplevel their skills and performance capabilities, and for some people it will be the first time they’ve ever stepped out on stage having created an act from scratch. Anything could happen!

All of them have dedicated their hearts, minds and bodies to learning all sorts of new circus disciplines such as trapeze, aerial hoop, rope, silks or chains, acrobalance, flips and tricks.

From these, they’ve had to choose their favourite discipline and create their acts under the guidance of our amazing team of teachers.

All they need now is YOU, an audience to encourage them! It’s a win-win situation! You get a better night out and they get applause.

Aerial Edge has circus classes for all ages and stages, regardless of shape, size, previous experience or any other factor. We have toddler students who have just learned to walk, people in their 60s and 70s, and everything in between, including professional artists. Fancy it? See www.aerialedge.co.uk

Dates & Times

Aerial Edge
Edmonton Trade Park 240 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2YU
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Fri 28 Jul 20:30- 21:30

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