Dark Disko 69

Saturday 17 August, 2024

For one night only, we will be channeling hypnotic rhythms that have been keeping people dancing endlessly in dark rooms for centuries. Your ancestors will know what we’re talking about.
DJ veterans Nicky Low & Robert Farrell will be using their decades of DJ experience to bring something, not new but old. As old as time. This will be one for the ages.
Have you been at a club or gig where someone puts their lighter or phone torch in the air for their favourite tune? I hope you used one hand to slap it right out of their hand and one hand to slap them right in the face. There will be no lighters or phone torches in the air here. Just dark pulsating rhythms taking you to the most primal part of your mind, lifting you up and then slamming you back down to earth with a kick drum coming from the almighty god of thunder himself. Or whichever god you choose to believe in.
Be prepared for liquid basslines flowing into your ears and brain like the sweetest audible honey made by rabid killer bees.
All with a little bit of funk.
When asked about the night, Nicky said ‘I had a dream, a dream of DJin in a cage in a rave cave basement, playing dark rhythmic beats, but then someone started chasing me and I could only run really slow. I was suddenly running through the jungle, with broken neon lights in the distance and passed an old wizard. I kept running but then the ground disappeared, I started falling and then I woke up. But the dream isn’t important, what’s important is that we will rock club 69 to its foundations with our dancefloor destroying beats.
Have you ever wondered what music sounds like in the centre of a black hole? I haven’t. And I never will. All I care about is making sure that everyone on that dancefloor is dancing like their lives depend on it. Because they will.’
Robert Farrell simply said ‘It’ll be funky. And it’ll be dark. That’s all you need to know. That’s all anyone will ever need to know.’
Come and witness it first hand or feel the deep pangs of regret when the reverberations from the bombastic basslines hit you in your belly from miles away and you’ll wish you were there.

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Club 69
Rocksy's Basement 40 New Sneddon Street, Paisley, PA3 2AZ
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Sat 17 Aug 22:30- 03:00

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