Scales of the World

Thursday 2 November, 2023

Prepare to embark on a mesmerising journey as Oceanallover, the prolific theatre company renowned for their avant-garde productions, unveils their latest masterpiece, ‘The Scales of the World.’ This extraordinary performance boasts a creative collaboration that includes visionary costume and poetry from Tracy Alexander Rigg, the legendary craftsmanship of corsetiere Mr. Pearl, original music by award-winning composer Richard Luke, and the enchanting vocals of Breezy Lee. Additionally, this production features a live string ensemble led by respected violinist, Fiona Stephen and arranged by musical polymath, Greg Lawson (The Grit Orchestra, Moishe’s Bagel, Scottish Chamber Orchestra).

‘The Scales of the World’ is more than just a show; it is a profound and emotive narrative that beckons you to shed the scales from your eyes and enter an altered reality. Prepare to be transported by the meticulously crafted costumes, visceral dance sequences, visual poetry, and the power of music that will captivate your senses.

This allegorical tale follows the intertwined destinies of a tree and a man, both facing the harsh reality of being cut down. The story unfolds in a series of short, evocative sections, guiding both the tree and the man on transformative journeys from a tranquil riverbank to a world submerged in water. Each section is brought to life through the presence of mythical, reptilian beings, inviting the audience to embark on a profound journey of reinvention and transcendence.

Oceanallover’s ‘The Scales of the World’ is not just a performance; it’s an invitation to become something other and to contemplate your place in the world. Join us for an experience that promises revelations, rebellion, and reinvention.

Dates & Times

Cottiers Theatre
93--95 Hyndland Street, Glasgow, G11 5BX
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Thu 2 Nov 19:00- 20:30

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