Sma’ Shot Day

Saturday 1 July, 2023

Sma’ Shot Day is Paisley’s annual celebration of the historic victory of local weavers in a famous dispute.

Sma’ Shot Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of each July. This was when weaving families would traditionally take their holiday ‘doon the watter’.


Sma’ Shot Parade

12pm – 12.45pm
Brodie Park to Abbey Close

The parade is co-ordinated by Bridgeman Arts in collaboration with community groups, performers and musicians. The parade is in honour of the Sma’ Shot victory and tells some exciting, undiscovered stories of weavers’ past.

This year, there’s a spotlight on some of the women making waves at the time. Christian Shaw (known as Lady Bargarran) was a Scottish industrialist regarded as the founder of the thread industry in Paisley. Helen McFarlane was a Scottish Chartist, feminist journalist and philosopher.

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