Future Paisley is a far-reaching cultural regeneration programme that harnesses the power of the arts, heritage and culture for social and economic change.

It draws on the rich heritage, cultural strengths and creative potential of Paisley and wider Renfrewshire to shape the area’s future.

Culture is part of all our lives.

It can mean the arts (music, dance, literature, theatre and visual arts), architecture, craft, design, digital media, museums, archives and artefacts, libraries, film and TV.

Culture can also mean everything that makes a place what it is: how people live in the present and understand their history, heritage and future.

Paisley’s cultural regeneration is physical/environmental, social and economic:


  • Physical and environmental: reimagining the town centre through the development of cultural infrastructure and transforming neighbourhoods and parks.
  • Social: investing in culture so communities thrive; reducing inequality, increasing community cohesion and creativity, supporting wellness and resilience, and creating new opportunities for our children and young people to flourish.
  • Economic: investing in culture with the aim to achieve inclusive growth that benefits all our communities and ensuring we can play our full role in the regional economy.

Everything we do is interconnected.

Some aspects of our Future Paisley programme focus on one specific area and others are cross-cutting, but all are inter-connected. For example, capital projects that deliver physical development and improve the fabric of our town centre will also deliver social, economic and cultural benefits. The programme is well placed to support Renfrewshire’s renewal and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our approach is rooted in partnership.

By working in an integrated, collaborative way as partners towards our shared current and rising priorities, it is envisaged that Paisley’s cultural regeneration will have the maximum impact for all our communities in the future.

Future Paisley


Future Paisley supports whole system change, delivering both short term and generational benefits:

  1. Influencing and embedding culture to bring about positive social and economic change: integrating and embedding our partnership approach to cultural regeneration in practice across services and communities, connecting, adding value and increasing impact. Culture is woven through everything we do. We act as cultural envoys and collectively are a movement for change.
  2. Targeted cultural interventions funded through the Future Paisley Partnership: this activity maximises the impact of Future Paisley in the years leading to 2024. In the longer term, projects are designed with sustainability in mind, creating progression routes and further stepping-stones for the development of communities, individuals, organisations and places.

Step changes

We have five step changes:

  1. Radically change Paisley’s image and reputation in Scotland, the UK and internationally.
  2. Raise prosperity and increase wellbeing in our communities.
  3. Paisley will be recognised for its cultural innovation.
  4. Transform Paisley into a vibrant town centre.
  5. Develop a sustainable and resilient creative economy in Renfrewshire.

Our step changes and outcomes are interconnected and mutually dependent, delivered best through collaboration and contribution from all partners.

To successfully realise our step changes, we are focusing Future Paisley investment and our collective influence to embed arts and creativity in our policies and practice long-term – using well-established networks of to reach practitioners who engage with our communities, our cultural sector and local businesses every day.

Step Change 1
Radically change Paisley’s image and reputation in Scotland, the UK and internationally


  1. A positive media narrative for Paisley.
  2. Increased numbers of people visit Renfrewshire’s attractions and events.
  3. National and international peer recognition of Renfrewshire’s cultural regeneration approach.

Step Change 2
Raise prosperity and increase wellbeing in our communities


  1. Enhanced mental health and reduced loneliness in our communities.
  2. Children and young people thrive though everyday access to arts and culture.
  3. Marginalised groups build confidence and transferable work skills through cultural participation.

Step Change 3
Paisley will be recognised for its cultural innovation


  1. Renfrewshire has a thriving, resilient and diverse cultural sector.
  2. Professional original work is produced and shown in Paisley to critical acclaim.
  3. Renfrewshire residents have access to high quality cultural experiences at all life stages.
  4. Innovation in Paisley’s flagship venues leads to wider engagement by local and national audiences (Paisley Museum, Town Hall, Paisley Arts Centre, Library).

Step Change 4
Transform Paisley into a vibrant town centre


  1. Nationally significant cultural venues and attractions open in Paisley town centre.
  2. Paisley’s town centre is revitalised through improvements to the public realm.
  3. Paisley town centre is animated by cultural production and participation.

Step Change 5
Develop a sustainable and resilient creative economy in Renfrewshire


  1. Organisations and sole traders working in Renfrewshire’s creative economy develop sustainable and resilient business models.
  2. Pathways into employment and progression routes in Renfrewshire’s tourism, cultural and creative sectors are established.
  3. More people are employed in tourism and the cultural and creative sector as Renfrewshire recovers from the pandemic.


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