Buddy Yaldi aims to take Paisley-based street food operation around the world

Wednesday 28th April, 2021

After a spree of rave reviews, we caught up with John Lorimer to discuss the multi-faceted menu of Buddy Yaldi and his plans to take his Paisley-based operation around Europe.

Blog by Mill Magazine as part of Paisley Food and Drink Festival 2021.

Originally, the idea came about back in 2019, the name, Buddy Yaldi, itself hadn’t been coined until just 3 months ago. The focus is fresh and modern street food and to bring it to events such as the Big Feed in Glasgow.

I love cooking, the kitchen mindset and the general lifestyle. Experimenting and pushing out good food helps to keep me motivated to do what I love. I feel all chefs should try and cater for all diets and experiment with different things to bring new flavours, textures and overall creating a new experience for customers. All in all, creating an experience that I hope they will love!

The menu and Buddy Yaldi will change and evolve over time and I am always trying to push for a higher standard than people will expect. I definitely want to travel with food, to Glasgow, then London and Europe. By doing so, I’m sure I’d be able to find inspiration from new ideas and new things along the way.

Everything is exciting at the moment! I’m looking at taking a new head chef role in Paisley while I continue to refine my ideas for street vending, which, hopefully should be ready in May or June. That’s what I’m aiming for anyway! But, to be able to travel the world is my main goal. Hopefully, with Buddy Yaldi, the world will become a little bit bigger.

Offering a broad range of gluten free and vegan options but with plenty of delicacies for carnivorous palettes, familiarise yourself with Buddy Yaldi’s ever evolving line-up of dishes via the link below.