My Paisley with…Tommy McGrory

Thursday 18th January, 2018

Paisley is a place with a rich musical heritage – and few people are better placed to comment on that than Tommy McGrory.

Tommy’s music charity Loud ‘n’ Proud has given countless youngsters their first chance to play in a band over the years, while also helping bring many top acts to the town.

As a born-and-bred buddie he’s also seen many changes to the town over the years. Here’s his take on Paisley as a place to live and go out, and why bands love to come here…

“For anybody looking to relocate it’s got a central location and great transport links whether you are going by train, bus or even plane!

“So we have all the attractions of living near Scotland’s biggest city but at the same time Paisley is a more affordable place to live…you’ll get more for your money here.

“The town as a whole is on the up – there’s investment coming in and that will create opportunity and jobs.

“It’s also a great place to go out in and it has a reputation as a musical destination within Scotland –even music promoters from the big cities will say so. It’s great they recognise that.

“There’s loads of places around the town where you can go for live music but three of my favourite places to go are The Cave, The Old Swan and The Bungalow.

“Paisley has a good reputation with the bands – they want to play to a crowd that appreciates them and they get that here.”

You can see more about what Loud ‘n’ Proud do on their website.

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Paisley has a good reputation with the bands – they want to play to a crowd that appreciates them and they get that here.

Tommy McGrory
Founder, Loud n Proud music charity

I remember it well…my Dad was head chef at The Silver Thread and catered for the punk scene – he used to sneak people in the back door for free.

Caroline Gormley

We began in a small garage and now have a bespoke studio and shop on Paisley High Street, and a rehearsal and recording studio in Renfrew.

Tommy McGrory
Loud 'n' Proud

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