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Wednesday 10th June, 2020

The Future Paisley Podcast offers a series of conversations between people working in culture and in communities.

The episodes explore the impact of Covid-19 on culture and in neighbourhoods – with debate on the challenges, responses and ideas for the future.

The podcast can be listened to on Soundcloud.

Future Paisley is a far-reaching cultural regeneration programme that harnesses the power of the arts, heritage and culture for social and economic change. It draws on the rich heritage, cultural strengths and creative potential of Paisley and wider Renfrewshire to shape the area’s future.

Future Paisley Podcast #10: Scotland’s First School of Creativity

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Gemma Fraser from Castlehead High School and Shona Paul from Glasgow School Of Art talk about the wonderful partnership which was designed to unlock potential in pupils, encourage innovative thinking, increase attainment and develop skills needed to thrive not just at school and work but in broader society.

The pair share the success of the partnership so fair and the hurdles which they have overcome during Covid-19.

Future Paisley Podcast #9: Hip-Hop, Embracing Local and the Future of Live Performance

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Journalist and editor of Mill Magazine, Robert Blair and Scotland’s best beatboxer, Bigg Taj give insight into the world of Scottish hip-hop and how it is taking off in Renfrewshire. They both explore the ways in which they can create more accessibility to young people in music; as well as discussing ways they can welcome back live performance and nurture new talent again in the future.

Future Paisley Podcast #8: Paisley Radicals – 1820

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Dorothy Adamson from U3A and Martin MacLennan from Civil Disobedience discuss the work they are doing to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Radical Wars of 1820.

Future Paisley Podcast #7: Glen Cinema Artists

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Artists Kerry Stewart and Rachel Lowther provide insight into the working lives of artists as well as their experiences of creating a public artwork in Paisley to commemorate the Glen Cinema tragedy.

Our guests cover the history of the tragedy and the impact it had on the town which is still present today. Kerry and Rachel are working to replace the silence, with their careful approach to creating a work of art which engages and amplifies the voices of the town.

Future Paisley Podcast #6: Sma Shot Day Celebration, PACE and Create Paisley

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In this episode Alan Clark from Create Paisley and Jenni Mason from PACE Theatre Company reflect on the success of this year’s digital Sma Shot Day and their involvement in it. They explore the importance of maintaining and building relationships with young people in the community at a time like this. This uplifting episode highlights the vital work organisations such as PACE and Create are doing for our young people right now.

Links to Create and PACE’s Digital Sma Shot Day performances;

Links to PACE; www.pacetheatre.com/
Create; www.createpaisley.org.uk/

Future Paisley Podcast #5: John Byrne’s Underwood Lane Special

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The fifth Future Paisley podcast features Artistic Director of the Tron Theatre, Andy Arnold, and musical director, Hilary Brooks (Sunshine on Leith) who have an engaging and thought provoking discussion on the wonders of live theatre, place and music. The podcast also features a very special guest appearance from legendary Paisley born playwright and artist John Byrne, as he shares his memories of Paisley, and his experience writing of the play.

Future Paisley Podcast #4: Sound of The Lockdown

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In the fourth instalment of the podcast Paisley musicians Linzi Clark (DRIFT) and Marie Collins (The Vegan Leather) have a conversation highlighting the incredible work they both do in nurturing and supporting vital connections with other musicians. They also address the struggles they have faced during lockdown and give an honest account of the highs and lows of being young women pursuing careers in music. This podcast highlights the importance of place for a creative community, and ends with a long list bands and musicians to listen too from Paisley and Renfrewshire!

Future Paisley Podcast #3: Culture, Community, Family and Faith

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Welcome to Engage Renfrewshire’s New Buddies Network officer Gozie Joe Adigwe and Jambo! Radio founder George Tah. Gozie and George share an enriching conversation exploring cultures, heritage, place, diversity, language and family and look to a future shaped by understanding, tolerance and community.

Future Paisley Podcast #2: Lochwinnoch on Lockdown

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This week, the podcast catches up with writer Alan Bissett and musician Crawford Smith. Based in Lochwinnoch, this episode explores the new roles they have found themselves in, the impact Covid-19 has had on their careers and their village, and looking at new ways of giving their work a platform.


Future Paisley Podcast #1: Cultural Conversations

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The first Future Paisley podcast welcomes Sharon McAulay from Star Project and Alan McNiven from Engage Renfrewshire. This conversation explores the role that culture plays during lockdown and the rise of new digital barriers they are both working to overcome.

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