My Paisley with Gary Chittick

Tuesday 20th March, 2018

Gary Chittick is an award-winning photographer who has an eye for capturing stunning images.

Camera in hand, Gary regularly enjoys exploring Renfrewshire and capturing as much of the local landscapes, townscapes and architecture as possible.

Here, he tells you about his passion for photography and what he loves about the local area.

Tell us about yourself and what you do

I live in Paisley and work for Renfrewshire Council as a Senior Service Delivery Officer as part of the Customer and Business Services Team. I’ve grown up and lived in the area all of my life and it’s important to me to have the chance to be involved with and contribute to my local community. This means I am aware of what is going on in the area and I can both support initiatives and also spend locally, which helps our businesses. I am a keen aurora-chaser, walker and (ageing) footballer and in previous months I was regularly seen on Scottish hills and mountains with my Paisley 2021 cards and flags, trying to spread the message!

I am also a photographer and in the last few years I’ve been exploring as much of the Renfrewshire area that I can, alongside regular trips across Scotland and beyond, often chasing aurora. My main focus is on landscapes and townscapes which can be created uniquely for individuals or businesses as well as for general appeal. I’m fortunate to have had images used by VisitScotland and local Scottish businesses in recent years as well as winning a national Scotrail competition last year. This year I’m proud to have had a Renfrewshire image highly commended in the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the year award.

What makes Paisley/Renfrewshire a great place to visit/live/invest/study/work?

Paisley is a great place to work as there is very good transport around the town centre area, there are a range of lunchtime options indoors and out and it’s easy to get most of what you’d need in the town centre.

Renfrewshire is a great place for photography because of the diverse range of subjects day or night, from architecture, buildings and skylines, parks, wide open spaces, lochs and rivers to nature and wildlife.


What makes the area special?

Paisley and Renfrewshire is special for me because of the unique blend of outdoor space and landscapes, year round events, town centre facilities and the huge diversity of historical buildings and the stories behind them.


If someone was visiting here, where would you recommend they go?

I’d recommend a visit to Paisley Abbey and Paisley Museum, some lunch in Trattoria Genova and a walk up to Barshaw Park or Saucel Hill to appreciate the skyline.


The best hidden gem or untold story in Paisley/Renfrewshire is…

Oakshaw. Many paths lead to Oakshaw but not everyone thinks to explore this beautiful area which is one of the oldest inhabited places in Paisley and is only a stones throw from the town centre. Many of Paisley’s most impressive buildings can be found here and it’s well worth exploring.


When we say ‘Paisley is…’, how you would finish the sentence?


From the excitement and buzz of the Paisley 2021 campaign, to the year round events in the town centre, to the passion and enthusiasm of old and new local businesses and cultural groups, to the colourful murals in Browns Lane and around the town and to the gallus and welcoming attitude of Buddies around town, there is an air of positivity and opportunity in the town.

Gary’s pictures are not available for use without his permission.

Explore Paisley

In a town that sees creeping influences of Mackintosh and Thomson amongst others, it very much extends the structural beauty of Glasgow to its neighbour in the west.

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