Sign up for Paisley 10k Road Race with Fun Run 2024

Wednesday 3rd April, 2024

Pull on your trainers and join in – taking in some of Paisley’s most iconic landmarks along the way!

Just click on the link below to sign up:

Sign up for Paisley 10k Road Race with Fun Run 2024

My 10k story

Following an accident 6 years ago, Dr Julie McElroy found her options more limited, but in 2023 she completed the Paisley 10k with the help of her Frame Runner.

Julie said: “Last year, the cheers from my fellow runners when they were shouting ‘keep left’ so that I could bypass some of the slower runners was immensely helpful. It’s great when navigating downhill and through the bustling high street, feeling energised by the supportive crowd.”

Julie added that participating in the Paisley 10k with a Frame Runner allowed her to advocate for inclusion, demonstrating her capability to engage in mainstream activities alongside others – and it reminds her of her past. She said: “Paisley has been integral to my journey. Spending a decade studying at the University of the West of Scotland, Paisley Campus holds significant memories for me. Being able to run alongside everyone and experience the atmosphere, passing through familiar streets makes the navigation and enjoyment worthwhile.”

Euan McCracken has run the Paisley 10k twice and is keen to beat his personal best.

He said: “I find the event a tremendous experience. Not only does it encourage an impressive number of runners across the country, but also attracts a big crowd who create a terrific atmosphere throughout the town. You can really feed off the crowd energy to push through the finish line.

Chris Brown is determined to better his five previous times for the ‘bragging rights’, particularly as he’s ‘not getting any younger’.

He added: “Running round our Paisley landmarks with the huge numbers that come to support and cheer you on is a great feeling. The route is always lined with people cheering you on and its never dull. The home straight and finish line are always exciting and gives you that wee boost when you need it!”

But it’s not all serious runners. Angela Hamilton from Lochwinnoch took part in last year’s Fun Run with her 5-month-old daughter, Poppy. Her husband ran his first 10k and was so inspired, he signed up for the 2024 London Marathon.

Angela said: “The event allowed me to take part in the Fun Run with my daughter in the pram, so it meant that I wasn’t having to miss out and I was able to take her along with me. It is also local to me and a great excuse for a different activity to do as a family.”