Tracing the footsteps of three ‘power families’

Thursday 18th January, 2018

The Stewards, the Coats and the Clarks – three names which left an indelible mark on Paisley and Renfrewshire.

The Stewards were, of course, one of Scotland’s great medieval families, and went on to birth a royal dynasty. The Coats and the Clarks, meanwhile, were the two rival dynasties at the heart of Paisley’s rise as a global textile hub in the 19th Century.

Many of Paisley and Renfrewshire’s landmarks are associated with these three ‘power families’, so today’s Buddies have mapped their impact and documented their history for visitors.

Stewards, Coats & Clarks is an interactive story map developed by Paisley’s Disability Resource Centre and the Reaching Older Adults across Renfrewshire (ROAR) initiative – with support along the way from many others.

But rather than us taking any longer to explain it here, why don’t you dive in for yourself?

Click on the map below to expand the story and follow each of the chapters dedicated to a different family.



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