A Taste of Renfrewshire

This series of short films featuring local food outlets was produced for Paisley Food and Drink Festival 2021.

Culture and lifestyle publication Mill Magazine’s ‘Taste of Renfrewshire’ series spotlights some of the food and drink businesses and the ange of cuisines available across the region’s towns and villages.

Food From Around The World

Life would be boring if we stuck to the familiar. So, get out of our comfort zone and join us at Mah Cafe, Pita Gyros and Japan Street Food, Paisley to experience new delicacies.


From Barga to Napoli

Renfrewshire’s thriving Italian scene brings the exquisite and rich flavours of the old country to our local communities.


Treat Yourself!

From award-winning portable pizzerias to social hubs with generous portions, we take a look at some incredible offerings.


Beloved Chippies

Renowned by Renfrewshire residents of all ages, we caught up with some local favourites to discuss generations of serving up fish and chips to our local communities.


Fine Dining

Tailor-made for those times where you want to go the extra mile…


Eating Inclusively

Find out all about Renfrewshire’s vegan and gluten-free revolution!


Coffee, Cakes and More!

Renfrewshire’s café scene’ brings you arabica beans, awe-inspiring cakes and everything you’d need for a fulfilling lunchtime.


Good Friends, Good Food

Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for the bar, and this short video guide proves that the food is just as inviting.