A Gathering Thread – Hand-Sewing Tutorials with Alis Le May

As an introduction to hand-sewing, bespoke tailor and dressmaker Alis Le May has created a series of easy-to-follow tutorials for adults.

Watch her short films and master a variety of stitching techniques.

These tutorials were created as part of Alis’s A Gathering Thread installation in the shop windows of 25 High Street, Paisley.

A Gathering Thread was funded by Renfrewshire Leisure’s, Cultural Recovery and Renewal Fund: Town Centre, Neighbourhood Creative Installation Grant stream in summer 2021, with additional support from the Paisley Townscape Heritage Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme 2 (TH.CARS2).

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Tutorial 1 – Padstitch

Tutorial 2 – Prickstitch

Tutorial 3 – Swing Catch (or Swing Tack)

Tutorial 4 – Running Stitch

Tutorial 5 – Back Stitch

Tutorial 6 – Herringbone Stitch

Tutorial 7 – Ladder Stitch

Tutorial 8 – Slip Stitch




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